Sunday, September 20, 2009


Well we're getting closer to having a bonafide roller. This shot reflects the rear ride height we're shooting for. Marty will be hanging the Ford 9" rear and setting up the Posies quarter elliptical springs soon.


Marty called me over to see the front end ride height under load and to look at the rear ride height. After weighing our options, we settled on the rear ride height demonstrated in this shot, which will give a nice rake to the car once it's all together.

ENGINE DEBATE: 327 vs. 283

I'm presently weighing two options for the roadster's engine. I have a balanced and blueprinted, roller-cammed 327 that is way overbuilt for my 29 which will likely weight all of 2300 lbs. The second option is a completely rebuilt '61 283 corvette engine built to stock specs, which is rated at 245 hp. Either way, it'll be dressed out in period goodies, the transmission will be a Muncie M20 4-speed and a 9" Detroit Locker with 3.50 gears will bring up the rear.