Sunday, April 8, 2018


Met Scott and his employee from Haneline at the LSRU 2018 and we discussed fabricating the insert material for Abalonia's instrument bezel. Whether I provide the material or he accesses it for me, Haneline has the right equipment to make my dash panel's drum-wrap material a reality. 

Now if only I had my final gauges figured out....

Good people and looking forward to working with them.

Here's the kind of thing I have in mind for the insert material in the gauge surround.

Saturday, April 7, 2018


Came across this 66 Impala for sale and had to share it as it's the color I have in mind for my roadster. It's a much silver as it is turquoise. And it sure looks nice with a light interior color. I'm thinking silver or white would be the perfect interior color.

My thought is to use a Pontiac engine color for the 327 to stay in the same neighborhood and to contrast it with a silver or pearl white paint for the frame and other components.

ADDENDUM: Just cruised the Barnes & Noble newsstand and saw a great car in Street Rodder magazine. A 1964 Mercury Marauder owned by Dick Uhlenkott. The paint color it used is 2004 Honda Millenial Lake Havasu blue. IT looks like its a color they used in 2004. The only problem is, the color looked varied on the different pages of the article. Doh. If it's this color, I'm all in:

Saturday, January 6, 2018



28-29 roadster below decklid panel part # A163A $80.00
28-29 Coupe and roadster rain gutter #A169A $295.00
28-31 decklid hinge kit #A1059ABTH $69.00
28-31 trunk prop kit #A1059TP $65.00
28-34 truck latch #A1059ABTL $25.00
28-31 locking decklid handle #A1059ABDLH $49.00

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Thinking about the ideal gauges for the roadster's dash. These Green-line Stewart Warners look pretty trick. They are period correct from the early sixties up. I think they're look might nice in my dash and would be a nice compliment to the turquoise/silver exterior color, I have in mind. Available through S/W and Summit.

Monday, February 27, 2017


Got a few new progress shots on the roadster. The lower firewall panel has been replaced with fresh metal. Note the tasty bead that has been added.  

As you can see, the trans tunnel is also coming along and the period sixties Hurst 4-speed shifter has been installed. We're still working on pedal placement and the trans tunnel will be trimmed a bit to make as much room for the go pedal as possible. We're also looking into fabricating newer and smaller clutch and brake pedal arms and pads. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Found a great website with an excellent selection of potential seats for the roadster.
The model above is called the classic and has been in production since the sixties.


More progress is being made on the floors. The trans tunnel is being fabricated and the Hurst Shifter is in place. Meanwhile, we're beginning to plot out the custom radiator for the roadster. On another note, I found an interesting color reference in the fifties VW colors. It's called Strato Silver and it has a nice tinge of blue-ish turquoise to it.