Sunday, March 7, 2010


Since I'm taking the time to keep this blog, I'll occasionally put boring notes to self on here. This is one of those boring notes. Measurements on the front spring I need is 1&3/4" wide and 31&3/8" from center of eye to center of eye. The 4" drop axle measures 47&1/2" from outer center to center and 36&1/4" from inner center to center. Sorry for the boring entry. But I'll need it soon and at least I'll know where to find it.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Drew found this Impala on the web. It's a perfect color reference for what I want on the roadster.


With the economy in the shitter I'm just not comfortable continuing to finance this build and since I have no interest in doing it half-assed, I have to step back, retrench and concentrate on selling some stuff I have collected in order to pony up some dough to get things back up and running. So far, I've sold a rare 6X2 Olds intake and water crossover, a pair of '65 Riviera clamshell headlight buckets, a set of reproduction knock off wheels from my mid-year Corvette, and today, a gentleman came up from Houston and bought the 401/Turbo 400 drivetrain I had in my garage. I've also got a Bob Bleed Sweeper frame on the market, as well as a 3X2 SBC intake with linkages and carbs. My 1965 Suburban is also up for sale but it's going to take a big ol' pile of dough to separate me from it. On the upside, the parts are starting to fly out of here so I'm optimistic that I'll be back in the hunt by summer. Will keep you posted.