Saturday, November 24, 2012


In thinking about the roadster's interior, I like the idea of separating the driver and passenger seats with a waterfall-style center console dropping down from the rear package tray. 

This first shot is from Aaron Grote's Lunar Lander.
This shot is a Tom Culbertson built interior. Very cool. 

This is a close up of "El Tiki's" center console.
I'm very impressed by this set-up. I hope to do something similar, but equally unique.
Here's a concept drawing of Nick Garfias' 29 coupe interior.

Friday, November 23, 2012


I had an epiphany today when thinking about incorporating a stereo/MP3 system into the roadster. Wouldn't it be cool to use vintage speaker cloth material in the interior? Actually, I think this stuff is so cool it could even be used as door panel material. Fender Turquoise White Silver Grill cloth.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Well, I've sold off the pedal assembly I'd purchased from Pete & Jakes and I'm planning on using this set-up instead, which has just been created by Eric Peratt and his team of fabricators at Pinkee's.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Granted, I already have a pair of Cal Custom finned valve covers for my 327 but I must confess, PML makes some very tasty valve covers.


d tough!

Here are the hubs I'll be getting for the roadster that allow Buick front drums to be run with my Ford spindles. I'll circle back to reveal the source, once I've ordered my set.
Here's a Buick drum tucked into the backside of the front rim. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Ordered the rear suspension parts from Jason at Pete& Jakes on Saturday. What a great company. Jason actually took back an unused pedal assembly and brake cylinder that I bought years ago and applied the refund towards the ladder bar rear suspension kit PN# 2011 for my roadster. It's not often that I get treated this well by a company so from here on in, if Pete & Jakes carries the parts, they've got my business.


Mr. T got the front axle mounted and cut down the wishbones to perfect size. 

Here's the suspension supporting the weight of the front end. 

As you an see here, the front frame rails end just before the axle. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Whack, whack. Suddenly those frame horns ain't looking so horny. 

Here you can see the relationship between the spring, the axle and the grill shell. Tasty. 

The Model A's frame got a little more compact, as Mr. T shortened the front rails. If all goes as planned, the drop axle will tuck below and behind the grill shell. Very excited. Also loving the front tires, recommended by Eric @ Riley Auto, who sold me the USA-made 4" CE Drop Axle and the front spring and spindles. Highly recommended.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Here are a few progress shots now that the spindles, drop axle, spring and front tires arrived. Sorry for the poor photo quality. I'm a crappy cell phone photographer.

The new tires arrived and got mounted today.

The Chassis Engineering 4" drop axle mocked up.

Note the big n' little rear/front tire effect.

The 560X15s with 2&1/4 whitewalls.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


After months of scouring swap meets, antique shops and estate sales, I finally found a pair of decent 1929 plates and sought to find a restorer for them. A Google search for someone in Denver drew me to Larry Scott, who has been an active member of the car scene for a couple of decades. I called him and arranged to meet with him to get a bid for restoring the plates I'd found. During the course of our conversation, Larry mentioned that CO offered different sized plates in 29 and that he had one of the lowest numbers that they offered, a three-digit plate. Hearing that made me really want a smaller plate, given the compact size of my model A. I asked him to quote me a price for the small plate and before I knew it, I was the proud owner of the beauty you see here, restored by none other than Larry. Once the roadster gets closer to the road, I'll order collector car plates for it to carry in trunk of the car, and run the plate you see here on the rear. Should anyone be interested in a good plate restorer, here's Larry's contact info:

          Larry Scott
Denver, Colorado
Phone: (303) 433-9504
Repairs holes, restores and repaints vintage plates

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Here's the basic order the build will follow:

1. Install front suspension
2. Fabricate rear suspension
3. Hang pedals and set-up steering box for cowl steering
4. Fabricate floors, including transmission tunnel, seating position
5. Mount grill shell, radiator and fabricate shroud for manual fan
6. Mount headlights and tail lights
7. Wire car, plumb brake lines, run fuel lines
8. Mount seats, gauges, windshield
9. Sound deadening, upholstery, sound system?
10. Take car back apart and perform all necessary powder-coating and plating.
11. Paint, pin stripe, etc. 
12. Reassemble. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Just ordered the front end suspension part for Eric @ 
Riley Automotive in Commerce City, CO.


Chassis Engineering 1932 heavy style Forged axle 47" 2 1/4" boss Posies super slide front spring,
29" forged spindles,with king pins fitted 
Spindle nuts and washers
Spring shackles 13/4" wide 3/4" and 3/4" bushing 
Pete and Jakes Rod shocks Covered 14.25-9.25 subtotal