Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I resolve to stay true to the roadster's concept, a late fifties/early sixties style custom. I want a waterfall descending from the rear package shelf into the center console. Like El Tiki, I'd like some of the roadster's switches installed in the center console: ignition switch, lights, lighter, etc. I'd also like to have a rear waterfall from the deck former down into the center console, which will integrate a center speaker, and whatever kind power amp an MP3 set-up requires. Needs to look old school custom with modern acoustics. And lastly, I'd like a section of the console to be padded
for use of an armrest. As far as the dash, I'll be using vintage OEM rebuilt instruments. I'd also like to build in some storage, whether it be a glovebox, interior door pockets, a package shelf beneath the dash, or a combination of all three.
We're basing the seating off of a couple of John Deere tractor seat pans we'll be modifying to accommodate the trans tunnel and console. The seats will need to be recessed deeply into floors as get my 6'5" frame down into the car. As far as upholstery goes, I'm hoping to employ the services of Sean Johnstun, aka Fat Lucky's, as I have in the past. Bet this time around, I'll give him more creative freedom than in the past. I'll suggest materials and an era only, and then get out of his way. The man is amazing. So that's the plan I resolve to stick to.