Wednesday, September 14, 2011


A 1956 Packard was nice enough to give up its dash for this cool little roadster.
My roadster will be built a lot like this one.
Another nice touch was that the license plate slides left, revealing the trunk latch. 
Every once in a while something will pop up on e-bay that really catches my interest. In this case, it's a 1929 Ford Model A roadster for sale in Medford, OR. So what's the big deal with this particular car? Well, somebody did a lot of custom work on it and it is very late 50's cool. Particularly inventive is the dash board which is a 56 Packard unit. Forgive the photo quality, but we had to photograph the car off of my computer screen using my wife's I-pad. How much do I like this dash on my '29? Well, let's just say I might just steal the idea hook, line and sinker. Of course, it does look like it could use being sectioned a little bit. There, that's really not so much like stealing. It's more about being "thoroughly inspired".

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


In researching wiring harnesses, I've come to find that a lot of rodders recommend Rebel brand harnesses. Even though they don't make the cloth wrapped wires I'm currently enamored with, I think this is the direction I'll go. After all, it would be relatively easy to cloth wrap only the exposed wires and run the rest standard, which is a big money saver over cloth-wrapped kits. Another great tip I read about during my research is to use baggie ties all the way up until all the wiring is installed and then replacing the baggy ties with zip ties as the final step.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Still need:

Radiator and Shroud (Walkers or Rand via E-Bay))
Front end (4" drop)
Headlight bar
Cloth-wrapped wiring harness (Hot Rod Co. OR Sacramento Vintage Ford)
Headlights (Craft B)
Tail lights (CraftyB)
Carbs (Riley?)
Gauge panel/dash panel
Steering column (relocate column to make room for clutch and brake?)
Steering wheel

Complete front end (So Cal?)
Wilson Buick drums and backing plates REAR