Saturday, January 16, 2010


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Friday, January 8, 2010


It turns out that Currie cannot build me the shortened axle shafts for my 9" because its flanges have a very narrow (1.5"from the flange to the backing plates). According to Travis, Currie could build them but they'd push the drums out an extras 3/4". Obviously, that ain't gonna fly on an open wheeled roadster.
Fortunately, Travis was nice enough to redirect me to Graffiti Alley in Eugene, Oregon. I dealt with a guy named Ray who asked for numerous measurements and once he had them, let me know that it would be no problem and that he just wanted to make sure he had every measurement necessary so that the axles would be perfect. He even called me back today to get one more measurement. So it turns out I have a 70's old style big bearing, 31-spline,  9" with a Detroit Locker carrier from a Bronco, which is what the seller had told me. The axles got a little more expensive they're made in the USA and I've been told they'll be perfect.  I'm going to pitch myself off a roof if these don't fit perfectly. BTW, I was most happy to get a referrral from Travis, so high marks to Currie for being helpful, even thought they won't be seeing any money form me. Not this time, anyway.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Yeeee-ouch! Have you ever narrowed a rear end and needed to get shortened axles as a result? Welcome to my world. Let's just say it ain't a poor man's sport. But seeing as we're really going for it on the roadster, it's the only right thing to do in order to nail the proportions. So I called Currie and spoke with Travis in sales. It didn't take long to figure out that I couldn't use the new 9-plus cut-to-fit axle shafts I'd been reading about read about in  Rod & Custom and Street Rodder magazines since they aren't available in the same 5 x5.5" bolt pattern size that my vintage Torq Thrusts were purchased in (by me, hind sight being 20-20). So I'm going to have custom Currie axles pre-cut for my rear. After thinking I had all my measurements done, Travis alerted me to the fact that the large bearing rear has a new and old sizing and since I couldn't identify the exact year of the Bronco rear end I am using, I needed to measure the existing bearings just to be safe. Measure twice, cut once has never made more sense. I'll think twice before narrowing a rear end again, as it's another one of those expenses that adds up in a hurry. That said, if you need good advice, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Travis @ Currie Enterprises. Should be placing the order today, if I can get back to my measuring tape before 3:45PM, West coast time. More details to follow...