Thursday, January 7, 2010


Yeeee-ouch! Have you ever narrowed a rear end and needed to get shortened axles as a result? Welcome to my world. Let's just say it ain't a poor man's sport. But seeing as we're really going for it on the roadster, it's the only right thing to do in order to nail the proportions. So I called Currie and spoke with Travis in sales. It didn't take long to figure out that I couldn't use the new 9-plus cut-to-fit axle shafts I'd been reading about read about in  Rod & Custom and Street Rodder magazines since they aren't available in the same 5 x5.5" bolt pattern size that my vintage Torq Thrusts were purchased in (by me, hind sight being 20-20). So I'm going to have custom Currie axles pre-cut for my rear. After thinking I had all my measurements done, Travis alerted me to the fact that the large bearing rear has a new and old sizing and since I couldn't identify the exact year of the Bronco rear end I am using, I needed to measure the existing bearings just to be safe. Measure twice, cut once has never made more sense. I'll think twice before narrowing a rear end again, as it's another one of those expenses that adds up in a hurry. That said, if you need good advice, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Travis @ Currie Enterprises. Should be placing the order today, if I can get back to my measuring tape before 3:45PM, West coast time. More details to follow...

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