Saturday, April 7, 2018


Came across this 66 Impala for sale and had to share it as it's the color I have in mind for my roadster. It's a much silver as it is turquoise. And it sure looks nice with a light interior color. I'm thinking silver or white would be the perfect interior color.

My thought is to use a Pontiac engine color for the 327 to stay in the same neighborhood and to contrast it with a silver or pearl white paint for the frame and other components.

ADDENDUM: Just cruised the Barnes & Noble newsstand and saw a great car in Street Rodder magazine. A 1964 Mercury Marauder owned by Dick Uhlenkott. The paint color it used is 2004 Honda Millenial Lake Havasu blue. IT looks like its a color they used in 2004. The only problem is, the color looked varied on the different pages of the article. Doh. If it's this color, I'm all in:

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