Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Don't let anyone ever tell you that building a car is an economical thing to do. In fact, you have to be halfway nuts to do it. Too many hidden costs. So in an effort to pony up some more dough, I'm currently selling some parts I've collected over the years to help fund the 29. Victims so far include a 6X2 Edelbrock Intake with rare water crossover, a pair of 65 Riviera headlight buckets, a complete set of Knock-Off wheels for a mid-year Corvette, a 401 Nailhead with Turbo 400,  and a bunch of smaller parts that have been collecting dust and/or decorating the garage wall. Sales have been good so far, but the flake factor is always annoying. How a person can go from "I'll take it" to "Will you wait until my next check" to "My XXX unexpectedly broke and now I have to fix it first. C'mon people. If you say you'll take it, take it. Sorry to rant, but it does get kinda old. Special thanks to Craigslist and the blogosphere, for helping me find new homes for my little treasures.

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