Friday, November 11, 2011


After a heart-to-heart with my wife over the future of the roadster, I have once again put the project on hold. Fortunately, I've amassed a parts pile including a magneto, an aluminum timing chain cover, a 6X2 intake with carbs. Not to mention a Seller's Equipped Hallock-style windshield. With the economy still in a funk, and my aspirations to build a magazine-quality car unchanged, putting the project on hold was the only intelligent thing to do. The project will continue, just not right now.
Instead, I'll turn my attention to the Tall T coupe that has been on the back burner and will now start building its foundation, beginning with a Mercury Charlie double Z'd frame, which will be happening in December. The difference between the T build and the Roadster is that the T will be far less precious. It will be a real-world driver, using parts I've had sitting around. Namely, the drivetrain the roadster came with when I bought it from Ian Loska years ago.  A cammed-up 425 nailhead, a Turbo 400, and 12-bolt rear end with "highway" gears. The engine and trans will be soon finding their home in a frame built by my old friend, Mercury Charlie. More later.

Addendum: The 12-bolt is being ditched in lieu of a new 9" with 3.50 gears.

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