Sunday, December 16, 2012


Mr. T and I got the Walden hubs installed today, which means the front suspension is just about 100% buttoned up. They're very nice hubs and will allow for the big Buick brakes with the 45-fin drums. So there's our one step forward.
We then turned to the rear suspension and came to the realization that the rear ladders aren't going to work, given the lower ride height and my desire to have all of my 6'5"frame riding down in the car rather than on it. So it was one step back. Looks like we're gonna have to go with a four link. We realized we may have to modify the rails to get me comfortably down into the driver's seat area. Sometimes being a 6'5" Sasquatch really sucks. Of course, I'd rather know that now and make the proper adjustments now to fit comfortably in the car. Will post more as the new plan unfolds.

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Tyra Shortino said...

You should definitely just go with the ‘four link.’ A multi-link suspension allows the vehicle to flex more; this means that the suspension is able to move more easily to conform to the varying angles of driving off-road. There’s another one probably worth mentioning: the solid-axle multi-link suspension. This type doesn’t need a ‘panhard’ bar and is significantly cheaper and much less complex to build.

Tyra Shortino