Monday, June 27, 2016


All I can say is "Yes". This is that color I'm seeing in my head. A light Turquoise with a silvery sheen. Oh man, is this right in the wheelhouse that I where I want "Abalonia" to be. 
In fact, as I look at how well the silver spoke wheels look, I'm tempted to paint the frame and perhaps even the engine and firewall in a silvery gray color. Just had to share this one. Wow. Nice. Jealous. Inspired. 
While I'm on this silver frame and firewall tangent, I'll go one step further. Instead of pearl white for the interior, how about silver vinyl. I think it would be both subtler and more unusual and would still lend itself well to using pearl drum kit material judiciously, perhaps as gauge surround material and on the center console and or door panels. 
And just to go one step further, it seems like a darker charcoal color would be a nice accent color for things like the engine block and side pipes and wishbones, Brake drums, front axle, grill, etc. 

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