Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Thanks to a gentleman in Minnesota, my '65 Riviera has a new owner and that means I now have a build budget for my roadster. The body will be headed back out to Marty South for mock-up on the custom frame he's constructed. I've decided to keep the 425 ci nailhead for another project and we're going to set-up the 29 for a small block chevy, preferably a mildly built 327 with a 3X2 intake with a 4-speed backing it up. I also found a 9" Detroit Locker rear with 3.50 gears we're going to put out back. We're going to set-up cowl steering to free up room in the footwell for three pedals. We're just now gathering up the parts and I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, we're off to vend the Lone Star Round Up. Hopefully, I'll be able to peruse the swap meet area. More details too follow.

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