Monday, May 4, 2009


Called the folks at Posie's and ordered an adjustable eliptical spring kit for the rear suspension of the 29. Also spoke to the people at Brookville to get more information on their body parts. Tomorrow I'm gonna make a big order, including both doors, a deck lid, and the part that goes above the deck lid. Ouch. I figure I'll take the pain now and save unnecessary bodywork and fabrication costs. Plus, I'll have a nice parts pile of usable prices to sell or trade for other stuff I need. By getting all new reproduction parts, Marty can get on with fabricating the windshield, the rear of the frame, the motor mounts, and setting up the interior. He's got a lot of boxing-in to on the interior, strengthening the structure around the inner firewall and cowl in preparation for the the cowl steering and routing the clutch and brake pedal.

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