Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The new Mad Fabricators DVD is great. Between the chat I had with Piero before the Round Up, watching MFS 5.5. and the show itself, I couldn't be more inspired. The body's back with Marty South who's doing the metal fab. Here's a sneak preview: Lowboy, windshield deep chopped and laid back. 15" X 8.5" Torq thrusts on the back with 30" WW Hurst Cheaters, Chrome 16's in front with white walls; frame and firewall painted pearl white, body in lime greeen with silver or gold base. 327 with 3-2's, block and accessory brackets painted oldsmobile gold, polished intake with cad plated carbs and rear facing chrome scoops; 4- Speed Muncie; 9" Ford Detroit Locker with 3.50 gears, gauges TBD; interior TBD. Cowl steering using a 64 mopar aluminum box. Suicide style drilled drop axle with 40's Ford front brakes with drilled backing plates and 45-fin Buick drums. Adjustable elliptical rear springs. I'm thinking a sixties show/hot rod vibe. With the majority of parts being mid sixties, candy or metalflake paint seems like the right call.

So there's your sneak peak.

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