Saturday, December 19, 2009


Due to budget constraints, we've pulled back the reins a little bit and are temporarily slowing down on the build. As such, I brought the body home and Marty is going to focus on finishing the frame fabrication, hanging the rear end, setting up the front shocks and finalizing. In the meantime, I'm going to order the cut-to-fit axles and get some of my spare parts listed to generate some more scratch for the built. Our initial goal of having the car running in early April may be in jeopardy, but what the hell, we can only do what we can do.  In anticipation of the roadster body returning home, I went out and bought pieces to make a dolly for the body, consisting of 4X6's, casters, and metal brackets. Drew and I finished up the dolly after running the body back from Marty's. The dolly turned out pretty beefy. On the downside, I killed my Skil saw. I'll fire off some shots of the dolly tomorrow.

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