Monday, December 7, 2009


So much for my grand plan to use the 13.5" wheel I purchased from the hot rod company has hit the skids. I'm sure it will be of use sometime down the road. The trouble all started when my son Drew came across a vintage Chevy wheel on craigslist. We went to look at it on Saturday and it was too cool to pass up. It came from a 1937 Chevrolet passenger car. We had it out to Marty's on the weekend to see how it looked in the car and we all dug it. Because it's larger than the wheel I bought from The Hot Rod Co., column, pedal and wheel placement will be all the more critical in order to make shifting the 4-speed Muncie possible. We also dragged the John Deere seat buckets with us and while they're too wide to clear the driveshaft tunnel, we're going to try to cut them down to fit because they seem to do a lot of things well-- low in profile, subtle and utilitarian in design, able to accept custom cushions, etc.
Time will tell.

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