Friday, July 6, 2012


In researching drum wrap materials, I came across a source called Typically, I started looking at the samples on his site and found a dark abalone drum veneer that was listed as discontinued.
A quick call revealed that while Sam didn't have enough left to skin a drum set, he did have two remnants. I bought both. Nice guy, and a wealth of information on how to properly attach the material to my dash. While I can't lay claim to inventing this idea since SoCal Speed shop has offered Fender pick guard dash inserts, I doubt you'll ever see this color used anywhere else. I'm thinking of combining this material surrounding repop Stewart Warner Greenline gauges I wrote about in my prior post. More on this once the material arrives. If you're looking for something similar for your car or drum project, give him a call. Contact info is on his website through the link up above.

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