Thursday, July 5, 2012


Just when I thought the instrument panel plan was coming together, I found out that one of my favorite all-time vintage gauges, Stewart Warner Greenlines, are being faithfully reproduced by the manufacturer. So suddenly I have a decision to make. Continue with my plan to restore the set if International gauges I bought at the Loveland Good Guys show and probably have as much or more into them as a new set of Greenlines, or buy the SW reproductions. Also I recieved the abalone veneer in the mail that I was thinking about using on the backs of the International gauges and didn't like it. So I started researching drum kit veneer and have included a couple shots below. I'm definitely interested in using this material in my gauge cluster.  

6"X15.5" is the amount of material I would need to reface my gauge cluster. offers an excellent selection.


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