Saturday, June 30, 2012


I have a bike helmet I bought in a thrift store a year ago. The only reason it appealed to me was the color, which is a light turquoise metallic. I had meant to take the helmet with me to pick colors the other day but forgot to bring it along. Today, I happened back by Painter's Supply with helmet in hand and was able to reference PPG colors again. This time around, I nailed it even closer.

PPG Light Turquoise Mic 4905 is the exact color I want for the exterior.

I also brought a sample of the pearl white interior material I want to use as reference against pearl white paints.

PPG White Mic 91948 is a great match to my interior color, it's a white with a little warmth to it. I will be basing my frame, firewall, rearend and all secondary parts that aren't shiny chrome or Aluminum on it.   

Lastly, I asked an employee for referrals of local painters and he had great things to say about three local guys:

Brian Cope at Cope Street Customs:

Wayde @ The Time Machine.

BJ @ Colorado Chrysler Jeep

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