Monday, June 25, 2012


Made a run over to Painters Supply, my local automotive paint supplier in Englewood. I borrowed the House of Color and PPG books and sat outside in the blazing Colorado sun looking for my ideal colors.

I pulled the following reference from the HOS book:

Shimrin Universal Pearls (PC/PP Series)


BC26 (White Base Coat) with DP30 (Dry Pearl Turquoise) which was a little on the green side.

Then I came across BC26 (White Base Coat) with Blue Green DP38 over it. This color had a little more blue in it and I preferred it for that reason.

Then I went in search of a nice pearl white, something warm and with a similar amount of metallic as compared to the silvery turquoise I had in mind.

That's when I came across the PPG color samples, which actually lead to not only
the ideal pearl white, but also revealed a decidedly non-custom color I like best of all of all for the silvery turquoise:

The Silvery Turquoise I liked best:

PPG Mazda Orient Green Mica PN: 5848 (I/L)

The Metallic White I liked best:

PPG Ford Ceramic White Pearlcoat, PN 5936 (C)

So there you have it. I may be months away from needing this info, but I now have it. At the very
least, I can shoot the steering wheel in the pearlcoat to make doubly sure I like the color.

Since I was also in the neighborhood, I stopped by Tandy Leather and picked up a sample of LAMB leather in a nice warm white. If I decide to use leather, as opposed to vinyl, I think their white lamb leather would work nicely.

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