Sunday, March 6, 2016


I occasionally peak at E-Bay Motors and look at model A's for sale. It's a great place to find inspiration. Today I came across just that. A novel dashboard treatment that strikes me as worthy of emulating. Using a 1955-59 Chevrolet truck instrument cluster centered on a modified dash. What I really like about this set-up is that all of the gauges-- except for a tach-- are contained in the single, centered gauge pod. I think a similar setup would perfectly complement the custom steering wheel I'm planning on using. The gauge is the right period, it looks cool, and it would give my interior a look that suggests it could have been built in the late fifties to early sixties, which is dead on the period I'm shooting for.

This 1963 Chevrolet Biscayne steering wheel was modified by HAMBer Adam Yelton, then thoroughly restored by yours truly. All told, I own three customized Adam Yelton wheels, each one restored to perfect condition.
This one is slotted for my roadster and will technically be run upside down from its stock configuration in the orientation that it appears here.  

Being that my steering wheel is going to be modified early sixties Impala wheel shown above, and my engine and trans are going to be sixties vintage, it begins to establish a theme that can inform other interior choices. For instance, I could use a 1955 Chevy AM radio I've had lying around for years and perhaps even use reproduction 1955-1959 headlight switches, ignition switch, etc. Hell, we could even incorporate the 55-style speaker grill in the same shape as the instrument cluster and form a waterfall off of the rear package tray that sweeps down into a narrow center console and then extends all the way forward to in the conerter console, incorporating the four-speed shifter along the way. Who knows, we could even consider seats and door panels inspired by the 1955-57 Bel Airs. So that's my inspiration for the day. HERE'S A LISTING FOR THE PART. 


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