Saturday, March 12, 2016


After looking at examples of roadster dashboards that transition into center consoles, I realize that I don't want my dash and center console to be one piece. What I want I is for the dash and the center console to complement each other but not connect.  I want to make the center console look like an early sixties factory 4-speed floor console. I've included a few shots for reference. Like the center console below n El Tiki, built by Tom Culbertson, I want the console to be functional, and to integrate the ignition and light switches. I also like how the center console sweeps up into the roadster's package tray, which creates two separate seats and would even allow a center rear speaker grill to be integrated. I guess the best description I can give is that I want the interior to look like a sixties factory concept car.

Note the low profile seats, and the wraparound backrests.

Dig the light switch, the ignition switch and a period correct ashtray 

Something along the line of this 1963 Mercury dash would be great. 

This is a pefect example of what I don't want. Too futuristic and frue-frue. Don't like the overly rounded sweep of it.

Even theough I won't have side sills as this interior does, I like the way the console sweeps up and creates a pocket for the seats to fit in. 

The onlt thing this console doesn't do is integrate the shifter, which is what I want mine to do. Other than that, this one is completely badass. NArrow and tasteful. It looks like a factory early sixties deal. 

An erly sixties Nova piece.

This Olds Cutlass consloe looks pretty damn sweet. 

This gives and idea of how the console could have a kick-up and integrate a vintage tach. 

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