Sunday, August 14, 2011


The scallops are a nice touch as are the tall tires and understated caps.
Went to a small car show in Littleton today. And there it was again. My favorite car that I'd seen at the humongous Good Guys show in Longmont. The same car I'd seen yet again at the Golden Cruise not once, but two different times. The same car I'd admired in build phase on Pinkee's website.  I was not about to lose the opportunity to get some pics of this spectacular ride. I borrowed Debbie's cell phone and fired away. So without any further adieu, here it is.  One of my favorite A coupes on the planet.

The tail lights are super tasty and understated,

The metal while not perfect is remarkably straight for an old gal. 

The aircraft style gauges are all business, I sure would like to make this car a custom shift knob. 

I assume the three gas cans tied in to create a unique 15-gallon tank.

Even the divide in the grill is understated and unique.

As you can see the 32 frame rails create a graceful look.

Even the larger headlights look super tasty.

Even the 6X2 with four holes blocked off reinforces the understated quality.

Note the tastefully shrouded electric fan. Trick. 

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