Saturday, August 13, 2011


Stole these images from Facebook. This car was at the Concrete Massacre and while I don't know the owner's name, I'd like to personally thank him for getting me thinking about how cool suede paint and subtle fades are. 
As any of you know, I've been going back and forth between whether to paint my 29 a metallic color or a non-metallic color. But seeing the shots of this beautiful "fade and suede"job has got me weighing it as an option that offers aspects of both metallic and non-metallic. The suede punches because of the metallic base coat, while the flat clear makes the paint look suedelike and less shiny. 

Still digging the idea of a very light turquoisey/seafoam color. Clearly embracing suede with fade, would be a much more unique option.  It would also afford the opportunity to dabble with a couple of different values of seafoam/turquoise.                          

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