Monday, February 11, 2008

Liberty Mutual sucks!

Although the accident was deemed the Honda's fault, guess who got the short end of the stick?
Yes, friends, that would be me. The original settlement offer was less than a third what I paid for the roadster. As my poor 29 sat at Jeff-s Resurrections in Taylor, Texas, awaiting my settlement. I got the runaround for months as my case got passed around like a bad cold. After refusing to accept Liberty Mutual's bullying tactics, I finally got what I was certain would be the closest thing to a reasonable settlement offer. I received the price I paid for the car plus the my out-of-pocket for transporting the 29 to Austin. The only thing that I would have to eat was the cost of my flight to go see the car and, of course, my pride. Months had passed since the wreck and all I had to show for it was a pissed off restorlation shop that could not rebuild the car for the settled for amount. After months of Liberty Mutual trying to dick me on the settlement, I was tired of fighting and worn down to a nub. But being a glutton for punishement, I negotitated to buy the 29 back from the insurance company for the value of the salavagable parts. The log road to recovery would soon begin.

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mister_fab said...

I have unfortunately been put in the same situation you were a year ago. My '96 Suzuki Bandit was totally wrecked by a Lib. Mut. customer who backed up in it while it was parked on my building own parking spot and even though they accepted full responsibility for what happened I will never be able to get a similar bike in the same running and cosmetic condition with the money they are offering me. Since I constructively turned back their first offer they are not anymore responding to my emails and when I call them they are either on lunch or in vacation. Would you have collected any executive phone # or email addresses that I could use to reach someone in the company who would care about my case? Thanks!