Sunday, February 10, 2008

The rise and fall of my 29A Roadster

It all started back in late '06. I had pretty much wrapped up my 1965 Suburban build and had a classic case of "now what". I'd been spending a lot of time blogging on the HAMB and visiting with the guys at South Austin Speed Shop. Having spent five years building my Suburban, I wasn't looking to get into a full resto project. What I really wanted was a car like Mercury Charlie's 27 Model T. Especially after driving it and riding alongside Charlie in it on a couple of occasions. I had no problem fitting into it and that's saying something seeing as I'm 6'5". I even toyed with the idea of buying Charlie's T on two seperate occasions, but my ego just couldn't handle driving around town in someone else's creation. No, I wanted to exercise my own ideas to build a car, but I knew all too well what a full build entailed. I toyed with having Charlie build me a tall T, since he clearly knew how to capture the ideal proportions. After much thought, I netted out that as much as I liked Charlie's car, I couldn't afford to commision a build. Especially with South Austin Speed Shop's growing popularity and their hourly rates increasing accordingly. The feeling lingered...."now what?"

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