Monday, February 11, 2008

The test drive that almost wasn't

My flight to L.A. to see and drive the roadster almost went astray. The original plan was to fly
to John Wayne airport, a short drive from San Clemente, near where Ian lived. Unfortunately, I missed my connecting flight in Arizona so it was either fly into LAX insead of Irvine or return home without seeing the car. I called Ian and fortunately he agreed to drive the roadster all the way up to LAX to meet me. I'll never forget seeing the 29 pull up to the passenger loading area. We pointed the car south and navigated through drivetime traffic down the 405 slicingand dicing through the traffic for a good hour to get back to Irvine, where my return flight would take leave just a couple of hours later. My first impression of the roadster was that it was very low and fast. The big 425 nailhead ran well and had a loud, loppy cam. The car exhibited no bump steer and was an absolute hoot to drive. Tight. It stopped in a straight line and handled well for being genie old school technology. Plus the 50-plus miles of driving before we got to John Wayne airport gave me ample opportunity to drive and ride shotgun in the 29. The car was just as Ian described and other than spitting out an exhaust baffle in transit, ran beautifully. By the time I hopped out of the car in Ivine, I was plenty impressed. I told Ian I had a lot to think about on the return flight home and would call him with an answer within a couple of days. I called Ian when I got back home and told him it was a a deal.  

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