Sunday, February 10, 2008

A tall model A

One day I was reading the classifieds on HAMB and I came across a pretty cool looking model A for sale in California. The photos showed a car that to my eye was 80% finished and seemed to have all the hard work done. I loved the way it sat and in reading the description, had been built around the owner's own 6'4" frame. Intrigued, I called and found out that the builder was a young dude named Ian Loska, who had built the original Gas Monkey Garage car that caused a shit storm wherever it went (shown while still in primer above left). To those who aren't familiar with it, it had the lower part of the body sectioned, had a real severe chop and rode super low with a set of red Tractor wheels. It was purported to have been built by the Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas but was actually bought by them and merely painted primer black with red scallops by them before hitting the show scene. I remember seeing that car at the Lone Star Round-Up a couple of years prior and liking it a ton. So I made arrangement for West Coast HAMBER and then Editor of Rod and Custom magazine, Jim Aust, to go inspect the car on my behalf. Jim called me once he'd seen it and described it as being as advertised -- a solid, well-built car that while a tad rough and unrefined, a damn strong runner. According to Jim, all it needed was an interior, some gauges and for its next owner to decide whether to keep the paint the way it was or make it "their own". Intrigued by the fact that it was a turn key car that needed only cosmetics to be "done", I made arrangements to fly out and see the car in person. 

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