Saturday, February 5, 2011


Drew and I checked out the Tri-State Indoor Swap Meet today in Denver. A huge venue. Not Pomona fairgrounds huge, but plenty big. And while I didn't find the Vertex Magneto I was looking for, we saw a shit-ton of cool things and meet several new contacts. One was Riley Automotive, whose name I recognized from the HAMB, but whom I had never met before in person. Riley's is a great source for traditional Model A parts. Lights, brakes, frames, Stromberg carbs, you name it, they've got it. Good people, too. I picked up sixteen issues of Rolls and Pleats from Riley, so I'll have plenty of back-reading for the trainride to work. Just what I needed, another traditional hot rod resource. We were also able to pick up a couple dozen more silver trinkets for use in our new line of custom embedment shift knobs (examples above).Oh, and Drew found a truly creepy Charlie McCarthy statuette, which I managed to bust in two on the ride home. We stopped for dinner at Smash Burger, our new favorite burger joint in Wheat Ridge and popped into Antonio's, a cool indie record store, where I pick-uped the new Social Distortion CD. It was a great hang with my 17-year-old. Super bowl is tomorrow. I'll be reviewing the commercials for Shoot magazine for the fourth year in a row. Later. 

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