Sunday, February 27, 2011


Drew came across a Vertex Magneto with tach drive listed on Denver Craigs List last night for $500. Although it was well beyond my budget, I called on it and according to its owner, Troy, it was out of a big block Chevy that had been raced by a buddy of his. He also mentioned that he'd had it gone through, including purchasing a brand new cap for $65.oo. I explained that I was planning on having whatever magneto I ulltimately buy "gone through" by French Grimes, who has been coaching me on finding a suitable used candidate for rebuilding. Frankly, I was hoping I could get him down on his price. This morning, we went to take a look and while I'm no expert, we pulled the cap and everything did indeed look spotless. Small blemishes on the outside body of the unit but clearly it has not seen hard use. The cap appeared brand new. I made him what I felt was a fair offer explaining that I'd be sending it off to be gone through and have it set-up for six degrees advance for my street-driven 327. My initial offer was less than half of asking and when he came back at $300, I knew the haggling was over. I bought it for three bills. Next stop for this magneto will be French Grimes. The manufacturer of this unit was Ronco, Blue Bell, PA. and its stamped with a factory serial number. Hopefully, the coil won't need replacing and it'll check out as to be as good as it looks. I'll keep you posted as to how the bill ends up looking after my Vertex expert test it out. 
I hope this sucker ain't a turd. Until then, enjoy the photos. 

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