Monday, February 7, 2011

Vertex Magneto advice

I've been doing some research on Vertex Magnetos for my 327 and was referred to a gentleman named French Grimes by a fellow HAMBER. French owns one of three systems in the US made for rebuilding magnetos and has an impressive list of folks who count on him come race day, not to mention a faithful following of HAMBers. French was very generous with his advice. For $850, French could send me a freshly rebuilt unit (his core) set for 6 degrees advance (his recommendation for street use) and including tach drive. But as a money saving alternative he mentioned that finding a unit for $175.00 or less could work in my favor. He charges $298.00 to rebuild a unit plus $200.00 if the coil needs replacing. If the coil is good, I could get out the door for as little as $298.00 plus cost of the my core ($298.00 + $175.00= $473.00). Adding a coil would make it $673.00. So there's some food for thought. Being a cheap bastard, I'll probably try finding one to send him. If you're looking for a Vertex Magneto, I suggest you contact French. Special thanks to RC on the HAMB for sending me in the right direction.

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