Tuesday, April 5, 2011


As luck would have it, we set-up the Hotrodshiftknob.com booth directly across from Matt, owner of Lakepipes.com at the Lone Star Round Up this past weekend. As those of you who’ve been following this post know, I’ve been contemplating what type of headers to run on the ’29.

Note the graceful taper of the pipes. Still undecided about running Matt's turndowns.
This is the basic premise. Matt's going to set me up with the quietest baffle he offers.
As the show went on, I had ample opportunity to chat with Matt about his product line. The more I watched his lakes-style pipes blowing out of his booth, the more convinced I became that they’d be the perfect setup for my roadster’s 327. I asked Matt a lot of questions about the internal baffles he offered and ultimately decided I was interested in making them as quiet as a pair of his lake headers could be. Matt suggested running the extra baffles and tucking them as far forward in the pipes as possible. Knowing that Matt fully understood what I wanted, I signed up for a fully welded set of his lakes-style headers with his quietest baffling. He quoted me two weeks to a month to have them welded up and ready to ship. So there you have it. The parts pile continues to grow. The next question will be what to coat the headers with. Nickel plating, JetHot coating and ceramic metallic coating are a few options that come to mind. More on this later.

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