Saturday, April 16, 2011


Once in a while I come across something so cool that I have to put in on this blog so I'll remember it months later when I'm finally at that point in my own build. I'll want to refer back to this when it comes time to figure out my steering wheel. This is a picture from a thread I just read on the HAMB blog covering an old racer's trick for creating a "grippy" texture for the steering wheel. It involves wrapping string or leather lacing around the wheel's rim and then coating it in a clear hardener. As I followed the thread, I came across an interior shot of one of my favorite RPU's, so I liberated this particular picture from the thread as a great reference shot. It not only shows a bitchen  wrapped steering wheel, but a killer interior as well. Note the super tasty gauge placement, the bolsters on the seats, the matting instead of carpeting, and of course, the finish work overall. Wish I were right-hand driving something this cool.
Thanks for the inspiration yet again, HAMB. 
One more thing: this explanation below was given about how one continues the wrap when arriving at the wheel's spoke. Worth noting as well:
When you are wrapping the twine in the same direction around the circumference of the steering wheel. you get to a spoke, you make a few loose wraps around the spoke, then thread the twine under this loop, around to the back of the steering wheel where you then thread it through the backside of the loop around the spoke, then back to the front, etc. until you get past the spoke, then proceed to once again wrap in the same direction around the wheel. I also made a side view of how I believe the wrap is done through the loop around the spoke. Of course the real deal would look one hell of a lot better.....

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