Friday, April 22, 2011


Spoke to Matt at again today. Got a shit-ton of good info from him regarding the lake headers he's making for my 327. I asked his thoughts on ceramic coatings vs. chrome for his headers. Matt prefers ceramic coatings and frankly that's where I was leaning. I mentioned I didn't like the way chrome headers tend to discolor and blue. That's when Matt told me something I was totally unaware of. Ceramic, while able to withstand higher temperatures than chrome will flake off of pipes if they run too hot. Matt stressed how vital it is to tune an engine, jet carbs properly and have everything dialed-in before bolting on his headers, whether they're ceramic-coated or chromed. He explained that a motor running too rich, for example a multi-carbed engine with not enough cam, could run as hot as 2800 degrees at the pipes. The best ceramic coatings on the planet can only withstand about 2200 degrees, tops. His suggestion? Tune and jet your carbs through shitty headers or stock manifolds and make sure its dialed in before you bolt on the "pretty" pipes. With over ten years of experience making headers for people day in and day out, suffice it to say that Matt is a wealth of information to a hobbyist like myself. I haven't even got my pipes from him and he's already saved me the time and money by preventing a potentially costly mistake. Try getting that from a major manufacturer. So if you need pipes and/or some solid exhaust advice, Matt is you man.  Enough about exhaust. Onward.

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