Friday, November 13, 2009


Exciting times. I got the 327 back from the machine shop and back on the engine stand in my garage. I took the liberty of double checking the torque specs on the bottom end (65 lb. ft @ the main caps, 35 lb. ft. on the rods and 50 on the oil pump). Everything checked out. I them ran taps into all the remaining holes to make sure everything was nice and clean. I guess I forgot to tell the guys not to paint the engine since I was planning on deburring the block. The next order of business was to remove all paint from the block. Out came the angle grinder, the wire wheels and the picks. In went the ear plugs and I then went about removing flash, smoothing seams and making a racket. Marty's doing such a nice job on the motor plate and frame that I want to make sure the engine looks every bit as well-detailed. It's a big job, and will no doubt eat up a few nights and mornings. Can't wait to get it all nice and pretty and tucked into the 29's frame rails!

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