Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Several months ago, I scored a balanced and blueprinted 327 from a dude in Goliad, TX. It was a low mileage balanced and blueprinted engine with a super lumpy roller cam (Comp Cams 288XR) and a host of quality aftermarket goodies like forged TRW pistons, a fluidamper balancer, good rods, a high volume oil pump, etc. When I went to look at it I realized it had way too much cam for my roadster so I balked at the price, explaining that I'd have to swap out the roller. I was able to bring the price down a bit, so I bought it and researched a less aggressive roller cam, landing on a Comp Cams 270XR grind. I also sourced a pair of vintage camel hump heads. The intake will be an Edelbrock with 3-2's. Here's the engine on its way to Larry at Performance Plus Machine where the cam swap will be made and the heads will be properly prepped and receive hardened valve seats. More to come.

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