Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The John Deere seat buckets arrived at HouseOSpeed headquarters (aka my garage) today and I really dig 'em. I was initially concerned that they might be too small but upon test-sitting them, they seem like they'll be perfect. They're a lot like bomber buckets albeit more utilitarian. I'll be running them out to Marty's this week to see how they fit in the roadster's interior. I think they're going to be very cool with a low key, functional vibe. Speaking of very cool, I also found another color reference for my roadster's paint. It's on a car known as LB Tiki , which was built by a cat named Ivan who lived in Long Beach. I've linked a pretty interesting HAMB post on the car being driven from CA to Florida by its present owner. Anyway, Ivan (whose last name escapes me) is an old pal of Marty's and now lives in Lockhart, Texas. I've chatted with him a few times at car shows about how much I dug his car, which not unlike my 65 Suburban ,  has an unmistakable tiki mojo.  Small world, huh? Anyhow, his car has lived in a file in the back of my mind for years but I came across it just the other day on the internet and grabbed these shots for posterity. So here's LB Tiki, and a color that is damn near what I'd like to have on my roadster.


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