Monday, January 10, 2011


Polished 6X2 Intake Manifold with Edelbrock Valve Covers
Got home this evening and look what was waiting for me. After a quick unbolting and inspection of the carbs, it looks like some rebuilding is in order. The air cleaners are in good shape and despite a couple nicks and scratches, it looks like the intake will clean up nicely.
I'll get to cleaning it up a bit and determining whether the carbs are all salvageable.
The intake has no markings on the top surface. I couldn't resist breaking out my Offenhauser valve covers for a little tease of what the top end of the  327 will look like. 

The Offy valve covers will look nice against the unmarked intake.

I'm going to start hunting for a vertex magneto or an HEI magneto next and I suppose I should also start thinking about whether I want to run all six carbs, or just the two centers, and plan my linkage accordingly.  
On that note, the guy I'll most likely have rebuild the carbs and plumb all the lines calls himself Dickster27 on the HAMB (aka Dick's Hot Rod Place) and he comes highly recommended.              

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