Sunday, January 16, 2011


Two Words: Sellers Equipped. I put an e-mail out to ace metalsmith, Steve Sellers, who owns a company called Sellers Equipped and among other things, casts windshields in the Hallock-style. Steve's workSteve's work has graced the pages of all the traditional rodding books and his handiwork has appeared on more than a few high quality cars, including Nick Garfia's roadster, from its Rod & Custom feature. While copying another man's build is not my style, my car's overall direction will be inspired in part by Nick's beautiful car. Thanks, Nick.

Another Model A windshield that recently caught my attention is on a car owned by a friend of a gentleman named Tano, who I'm Facebook friends with. The car appears to have a very chopped model A windshield. I like this set-up very much, and am trying to get more details on the car. More on this set-up as additional info come in.

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