Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I first met Sean Johnstun of Fat Lucky's seven years ago. He was an up-and-coming upholstery whiz, working out of his Austin home. From there, Sean co-founded Austin Speed Shop, where he continued to ply his formidable stitching chops for years, thus becoming a legendary upholsterer in his own right. Of course, he'd be embarrassed by that assessment, but anyone who knows him, and what he's accomplished over the past several years, would be hard-pressed to quibble. So here's the skinny on the "fat" thing. Years ago, Sean had a dog named "Lucky". Yep, a fat dog. Sean loved his dog. Hence Fat Lucky's was born. And that folks, explains why Sean isn't fat at all. Just humble and supremely talented. With a little luck, I may be able to convince Sean to do some work on the roadster's interior. Fella's allowed to dream, right? Below are some samples of Sean's work, including the interior of the HouseOspeed.com shop truck, which Sean had a big part in.
Sean used original style barkcloth on the door panels.
White glitter vinyl is one of Sean's many fortes.
Sean even made seagrass mats for the interior.
Greg's Mercury truck. One of my favorite interiors ever.
Check out the headliner. Stitched like pin striping. Bada-bing.

The interior of Dr. Dan's epic 55 Chevy. Off. The. Hook.

Tasty and restrained. A period perfect look.

Ryan Cochran's gorgeous interior (owner and creator of the HAMB).

More of Sean's trademark stitching.

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