Sunday, February 6, 2011


Sanderson "Zoomies"
Researching headers for my 29 Model A roadster. I've seen lots of negative stuff on Sanderson's but like the look of their "Zoomies" and lakes, available elsewhere.

Speedway "Lakes-style"
I've also seen that Patriot (and Hedman) make do-it-yourself kits, which may also be a good possibility
for the roadster.

Patriot Do-it-yourself kit
Ultimately, we may be fabbing a pair of headers that are tapered and conical with screw in restrictors. I'm also interested in finding a resource who can custom make a pair for my Model A's 327. Any thoughts, suggestions, advice or pics are welcome.

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Papa Bruce said...

I just caught up on all your roadster build blog and I like what you're doing. I have been doing a build blog on a 29 RPU for a few months. and am going to use lakestyle headers with inserts on my RPU. I found a company that seems pretty reasonable and offers build kits and or complete headers. Here is a link to their website Let me know what think.