Monday, October 29, 2012


It's been a while since I talked about the engine for my roadster. It's a roller cam equipped vintage 327 that has been balanced and blueprinted. I found the engine on Craigslist and it was frankly more than I was looking for. In fact, when I heard how much cam it was running, I initially balked at the idea of buying it. But it was built well, had recent receipts, and after researching the cost of a cam change, I made an offer and it was accepted. I got a hold of some vintage 2.02 heads for it and had Larry @ Performance Automotive set them up with roller rockers and a mild porting job. The cam I chose is a Competition Cams 270HR, which creates plenty of manifold at idle, a key consideration given the fact that I'm going to be running multiple carbs. The photo is strictly a mock up and reflects untold hours of de-burring that I painstakingly performed in my garage where the picture was snapped.

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