Sunday, October 21, 2012


I did some more research on the Nick Garfias roadster. The Rod and Custom article lists his tire sizes, but not wheel widths. He’s running 16s front and back. I cross-referenced his tire sizes with Coker’s site and found wheel width recommendations.


REARS: 7.50-16 with a diameter of 31.48” that recommends a 5”-6” wheel
FRONTS: 6.50-16 with a diameter of 29.1 that recommends a 4.5”-6” wheel

So the difference in diameter between his fronts and backs are 2.37”


My L78-15’s have diameter of 29.3 and recommended is a 6”-8.5” wheel
(My rears are 8”)

I looked up 15” wide whitewalls for the front tires and found these on Coker’s site

Firestone makes a 6.70-15 with 3.35” whitewalls that is 28.58 in diameter and recommended wheel size is 5”-6” (My fronts are 5.5”) These tires would be smaller than the rears by .73”, yet fit on a 6” rim, which in theory would mean the front wheels I got form Sean may be usable.

Another option is a G78-15 Coker with 3&1/4 WW with a diameter of 27.68", which is 1.62" smaller than the L78-15s on the rear. 

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