Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This is one of those posts that is simply a parts list of what is needed. Feel no need to read on.  


1. Axle- The 4" drop one on the top of the I beam page that is 47" wide and 35" perch to perch. $256.50
2. Front spring- 1056A the narrow on 29" eye to eye $136.03
3. Reverse eye main leaf- 1055A 29" eye to eye $40.04
4. Spindles- We need them to fit the lincoln backing plates the riley auto sells (CE Forged Spindles bushing installed $264.50
5. Spring shackles- To fit the front spring (AU 2203? Will work with 1056A? $38.00)
6. King pin set- Whatever we need to put spindles onto the axel you buy (PN: ABC-123 $43.95 Will work with 4” Chassis Engineering 32 style heavy axle 47” wide. 35” wide perch centers, 2&1/4 perch boss)
If we get this stuff and have decided on the tire size I can finish and get the front end under its own weight. That’s huge!
TIRES: from Coker: Firestone 3&1/4” whitewall – 670-15 $376.00 per pair

ADDENDUM: After looking at examples of Big and littles, I found a much shorter tire that will work with the 5.5" front chrome reverses. US Royal 560-15's with 2&1/4" whitewalls from Coker. They're on their way. 

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