Wednesday, October 31, 2012


With fabrication back on track, I feel as if I'm freed up to think about finish details, like the interior.
Having had the luxury of hanging out with Sean a couple weekends back, I'm hoping I can get him to do the interior when the time comes. I consider the interior a huge opportunity to do something that's different, yet in keeping with a sixties custom vibe. The rectangular steering wheel will, of course, go a long way towards making the interior unique. The Desoto gauges will add uniqueness and because the faces are white and the numbers and needles are gold, it starts to reinforce the complimentary colors that will coordinate with the light turquoise pearl. I'd like the seats to be fairly simple and low profile, but with some bolstering for comfort and support the driver when cornering. I'm leaning towards white pearl with subtle gold accents. I'd like to have a compact center console that would second as an armrest. I'd also like som late fifties, early sixties arm rests on the interiors or the doors and some pockets on the doors, to store small items. Sean Johnstun and I talked about how cool it would be to have a waterfall grill between the seats, like the rear seat of my 65 Riviera had, which could second as a speaker for a hidden MP3 players.

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